My Top 3 Favorite Eye Makeup Products!

Sometimes it can be hard to pick good products for your eye makeup. Being that theres so many brands of makeup, and so much to choose from, I've narrowed down my 3 favorite eye makeup products! I hope this helps you guys when you go shopping for makeup!

  • Inglot Eyeshadows
    • These eyeshadows by the brand INGLOT are absolutely incredible! They are very comparable  to Mac products but they are a little bit more affordable. They have a system called the "freedom system", which means that you can create your own palette, and customize which colors are fit for you. They have a HUGE amount of colors and they are all extremely pigmented and they are really creamy. They can be found in stores in New York City, Las Vegas and a few other cities in the country. They also have a website which you can order from.

  • Sephora Brand Waterproof Eyeliner
    • These eyeliners are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They are extremely creamy and they last ALL DAY. They aren't that expensive either! They have quite a few different colors, but the black is SUPER BLACK and it is my favorite color! These can be found in Sephora stores or on their website!

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
    • This eye primer is my all time favorite. It is thin in consistency but yet it still keeps your eye makeup on throughout your entire day! It comes in a squeeze tube or a tube with a wand. It is about $18.00 and can be found at Sephora, Ulta or either of those websites. 

I hope that this was helpful for you guys in picking out some eye products. Please comment and tell your friends and family to stay posted on future reviews and videos! Thanks for reading !


  1. Hey Sammantha, thanks for doing this. I never knew Sephora made great eye liner pencils. I will surely check it out! And I agree with you on the UD Primer Potion, it's simply awesome :)

  2. Hey Samantha....Never knew about Sephora brand liners...Going out to buy them tomorrow. Would love to see a tutorial on the Smokey Eye look!


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