The 3 BEST Lip Plumpers on the Market!

Many women struggle with thin lips and don't want to go through botox or lip injections to fix this "problem area". These options are also very expensive and can be a bit painful. Here I have found some really awesome lip plumpers that I have tested out and that I absolutely love ! They also wont hurt your wallet :) !

The Victoria's Secret Extreme Lip Plumper
This lip plumper is a really really nice one ! It comes in clear, and it looks really pretty over pink lip sticks or even nude lips. It does tingle when you apply it like most lip plumpers, but this one may burn a little bit if your not used to the feeling. It can be found in any Victoria's Secret for $26.00. I definitely recommend this lip plumper if you have thin lips, or even if you just want you lips to look fuller.  

City Lips
This lip plumper was recommended to me by my mom ! She has thinner lips and when I tried this lip plumper I DEFINITELY saw a difference. You can find this lip plumper online on Amazon for $35.00. It comes in clear and in pink. It is also supposed to help reduce the signs of aging in your lips. I have the clear color and it is BEAUTIFUL for a natural look! It does make your lips feel a little bit stiff for the first half hour you have it on, but the feeling does fade and its not painful.

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish
This lip plumper is by a company called Bare Escentuals.  This plumper can be found at any Sephora Store, for only $19.00. It comes in MANY colors and it is beautiful over any lipstick or on bare lips. It gives a bit of a cooling sensation and not really a burning feeling. If you're looking for a variety of colors, then this is definitely the lip plumper for you.


Different Kinds of Blushes!

Blush is a great way to make your face look fun, fresh and sun kissed, but there are some different kinds of blushers that can work better for different skin types. Here I'll list some great alternatives to the classic  powder blush, and what kinds of skin types each is good for. I'll also list some high end products as well as some drug store brand products that are really great and that you might want to purchase! 
These types of blushes are the most common type. They actually work best for people with oily skin With this type of blush, its easy to apply with a brush, but sometimes is hard to correct if too much is applied. However, they work beautifully when applied with a light hand. 

High End Favorite : Nars (any Nars blush is top of the line)..... $28.00
Low End Favorite : NYX...... $6.00

These types of blushes are wonderful for a slight hint of color to the cheeks and are wonderful for dryer skin types. It can be applied easily with your finger tips by dabbing it onto the cheeks or using a sponge. It can be hard for first time usage when trying to figure out how they work. However when you do find the right way to apply it, it is AWESOME. 

High End Favorite : MAC Cream Bluch (I love the color Lilicent)..... $18.50
Low End Favorite: Revlon Cream Blush .....about $10.00

These types of blushes are really really great for dry, or combination skin types. I love these types of blushes. They go on beautifully and give your cheeks such a natural looking tint. I like to apply them with my fingers or a sponge. 

High End Favorite: Tarte Cheek Stain (100% organic) .....$30.00
Low End Favorite: Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush .....$12.00

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How To: Get the Every Day Smokey Eye !

Hey Guys!

Here's a video on how to get the every day smokey eye. This is totally wearable to work or school, but you can switch it up with other colors for a more fun or dramatic look. Here's the products I used :

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mac Paint Pot - Bare Study
Inglot Pearl White, Shimmer Black
Urban Decay Naked Palette : Virgin, Smog, Dark Horse
Wet and Wild cream eye shadow pencil
Sephora Waterproof Black eyeliner
Mac Zoomflash mascara : Zoom Black

Maybelline Dream Mouse Blush : Pink Frosting

Rimmel Birthday Suit
NYX Frosted Beige Lipgloss

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What Products to Bring on Vacation!

Its summertime and that also means its vacation season! Sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed when packing out makeup case on what to bring when we travel. Here I've made a list of things that you will definitely need, but so you wont over pack!


BODY AND FACIAL MOISTURIZERS                          











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We all want to be as tan as ever at all times of the year, but sometimes its hard to achieve that summer glow in the winter. There are so many different tanning methods, but tanning beds can cause skin cancer. There are TONS of ways to get a beautiful tan, but there are some important steps that we need to take in order for it to look natural! Here's some tips on how to get that summer glow!

1. PREPARE YOUR SKIN : Make sure that you are makeup and lotion free. Start by taking a hot shower and exfoliating your body to take of any dead skin. If you forget this step, your skin may begin to look blotchy and flakey after a few days of application. 

2. APPLY AN EVEN THIN LAYER OF TANNER : Whether your using lotion, spray or foam, you must make sure you apply it sparingly but evenly. Once it's dried, you can apply another coat for a deeper tan. If you are fair, apply one coat, wait until your tan appears (about 2 hours later) and then decide whether or not to apply another coat.

3. DONT FORGET : Apply your tanner to your neck, ears, and tops of the feet for a nice even tan. 

4. WASH YOUR HANDS IMMEDIATELY : In order to avoid fake orange looking hands, wash with soap after you apply any tanner. The product will stain the inside of your fingers and palms if you dont wash them! 

5. WAIT 15 MINUTES : Before applying your makeup, or getting dressed! It is super important to follow this step so your tan wont get smudged or streaky. 

6. IT WILL SHOW UP! : Most tanners dont show up until 2 hours after you apply them. So plan ahead if your going to an event, and be patient!! 

7. TAN GRADUALLY : Apply tanner every other day to achieve a gradual natural tan. 

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How Long Can Your Makeup Actually Last?

Sometimes when we buy makeup, there isn't any expiration date on it! This can get so frustrating and annoying when you are trying to figure out if your makeup is still good or not! Here I've researched and listed roughly how long each product of makeup will last you, and when it may be a good time to throw it away and get some new products!

Liquid Foundation : 2 years
Mascara : 6 months (if it has not dried out by then)
Lipsticks : 12-18 Months
Concealer : 2 years
Powder : 2 years
Eye Shadows : 2 years
Lip liners and Eye liners : 12-19 months
Powder Blush : 2 years
Cream Blush :  2 years
Face Cream: 2 years
Eye Cream: : 6 months
Sunscreens : 2 years
Moisturizers : 2 years

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