Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray Makeup Review

Hi Everyone  Last night I had a party to go to my and my friend wanted me to do her makeup for her when I got to her house. She had recently bought a new foundation that she was waiting to try, but wasn't sure exactly how to use it. The product was by Sally Hansen, and it is an Airbrush Spray foundation.

Here's how it works:

Before you spray it, make sure you hair is tied back or protected by a towel, headband or bandana of some sort so the makeup doesn't get in your hair. Make sure your face is completely clean, and does not have any other makeup residue on it other than a moisturizer. Make sure you shake the can before use. Next you're going to hold the can about 7-9 inches away from the face, and gently spray it all over the face making sure you get full coverage. Don't forget to cover your neck! If there are a few specks on your face, (there shouldn't be many), you can just take a sponge and blend it in. It should only take about a minute to dry completely

I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who uses foundation regularly. The only thing I find as a negative to this product is that I could imagine it would run out very fast. It is a smaller sized bottle and using it by spraying, a lot of it can go to waste. However, I REALLY loved using this different form of foundation!

The Product is only about $10.00, and can be found on Amazon or at your local drugstore!

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Review: Beauty Blender Sponge !

So I wanted to do a review on this product because I think it will be really helpful for people who are having trouble getting their face makeup or foundation to even out and look smooth. Since I have found this product, I rarely use anything else to apply my foundation! Here's my overview :

The Beauty Blender is an egg shaped sponge that can be found at any Sephora, Ulta or even online. It is so easy to use and is really self explanitory. When I apply my foundation, I like to wet the Beauty Blender to expand the size of the sponge as well as make my foundation blend into my skin with a smoother finish. It is a great investment !! This product costs about $17.99.

I actually found a cheaper alternative in Walgreens that works the exact same way. The only difference is that this one is pointed at both ends. What I love about having the points on the ends is that it's easy to apply foundation to small areas around and underneath your eyes and around your neck and forehead. You can also use the Beauty Blender by rolling it against your skin and back toward your hair line. This product costs about $7.99 .

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