How Long Can Your Makeup Actually Last?

Sometimes when we buy makeup, there isn't any expiration date on it! This can get so frustrating and annoying when you are trying to figure out if your makeup is still good or not! Here I've researched and listed roughly how long each product of makeup will last you, and when it may be a good time to throw it away and get some new products!

Liquid Foundation : 2 years
Mascara : 6 months (if it has not dried out by then)
Lipsticks : 12-18 Months
Concealer : 2 years
Powder : 2 years
Eye Shadows : 2 years
Lip liners and Eye liners : 12-19 months
Powder Blush : 2 years
Cream Blush :  2 years
Face Cream: 2 years
Eye Cream: : 6 months
Sunscreens : 2 years
Moisturizers : 2 years

Thank you all so much for reading! Please leave comments and suggestions for me! New videos coming soon :)

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  1. Thanks for posting that valuable info on makeup expirations....who knew?...btw...THAT PIX OF THE MAKEUP BAG LOOKS LIKE IT BELONGS TO SOMEONE I KNOW! :)


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