The 3 BEST Lip Plumpers on the Market!

Many women struggle with thin lips and don't want to go through botox or lip injections to fix this "problem area". These options are also very expensive and can be a bit painful. Here I have found some really awesome lip plumpers that I have tested out and that I absolutely love ! They also wont hurt your wallet :) !

The Victoria's Secret Extreme Lip Plumper
This lip plumper is a really really nice one ! It comes in clear, and it looks really pretty over pink lip sticks or even nude lips. It does tingle when you apply it like most lip plumpers, but this one may burn a little bit if your not used to the feeling. It can be found in any Victoria's Secret for $26.00. I definitely recommend this lip plumper if you have thin lips, or even if you just want you lips to look fuller.  

City Lips
This lip plumper was recommended to me by my mom ! She has thinner lips and when I tried this lip plumper I DEFINITELY saw a difference. You can find this lip plumper online on Amazon for $35.00. It comes in clear and in pink. It is also supposed to help reduce the signs of aging in your lips. I have the clear color and it is BEAUTIFUL for a natural look! It does make your lips feel a little bit stiff for the first half hour you have it on, but the feeling does fade and its not painful.

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish
This lip plumper is by a company called Bare Escentuals.  This plumper can be found at any Sephora Store, for only $19.00. It comes in MANY colors and it is beautiful over any lipstick or on bare lips. It gives a bit of a cooling sensation and not really a burning feeling. If you're looking for a variety of colors, then this is definitely the lip plumper for you.

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