Keratin Complex Smoothing System Review !

Hi everyone! So yesterday I decided to get the Keratin Complex Smoothing System. What it is, is a treatment for any kind of hair to release the frizz and make you hair more manageable. The brand I used is called Coppola, and I am really really happy with the results. I have really curly frizzy hair, so I knew that this is something I wanted done for a while. In this post, ill talk about the process and cost, as well as the results and how long its going to last. Hope this helps you out !

When you go to the salon, they will first wash your hair with the Keratin clarifying shampoo. Once your done  getting shampooed, they will blow dry your hair, until its completely dry. Then, they apply the Keratin solution. When they apply it, it smells like coconut, but it may burn your eyes a little bit if your sensitive to chemicals in the air. They drench each piece of your hair with the solution, and comb it through until your hair is wet with the product. Then they let it sit for about 30 minutes. When thats done, they start to blowdry your hair again with the solution in your hair. Lastly, they will take a special flat iron that heats up to 450 degrees. This whole process takes about 3 hours, for me it took almost 4 because i have A LOT of curly, frizzy hair.

The average cost for this process and product is anywhere from $200-350 depending on the salon and who does your hair. Luckily I work in a hair salon, and was able to get a break ! However, I've seen the results on many people, and I have never heard a bad thing about it. You also need to purchase the Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner which is about $22 a bottle.

When I was finished, I was amazed at how straight, silky and shiny my hair was! I have never ever seen my hair look this perfect! At first I wasnt used to seeing my hair look this flat, but I'm used to it now and I love it. This solution is supposed to last for about 3 months, and when I wash my hair, its going to be wavy but more manageable when I get out of the shower before I straighten it. When you get it done, you cant wash your hair, put your hair up, pin it back, or do anything other than straighten it for 72 hours. It is SUPER  important to follow these rules if you want premium results.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this treatment for anyone who has frizzy hair and needs it to be more manageable. I am so happy I got this done! Please leave comments and questions for me if you have any and I'd be more than happy to answer! Thanks so much for reading ! :)

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