Different Kinds of Blushes!

Blush is a great way to make your face look fun, fresh and sun kissed, but there are some different kinds of blushers that can work better for different skin types. Here I'll list some great alternatives to the classic  powder blush, and what kinds of skin types each is good for. I'll also list some high end products as well as some drug store brand products that are really great and that you might want to purchase! 
These types of blushes are the most common type. They actually work best for people with oily skin With this type of blush, its easy to apply with a brush, but sometimes is hard to correct if too much is applied. However, they work beautifully when applied with a light hand. 

High End Favorite : Nars (any Nars blush is top of the line)..... $28.00
Low End Favorite : NYX...... $6.00

These types of blushes are wonderful for a slight hint of color to the cheeks and are wonderful for dryer skin types. It can be applied easily with your finger tips by dabbing it onto the cheeks or using a sponge. It can be hard for first time usage when trying to figure out how they work. However when you do find the right way to apply it, it is AWESOME. 

High End Favorite : MAC Cream Bluch (I love the color Lilicent)..... $18.50
Low End Favorite: Revlon Cream Blush .....about $10.00

These types of blushes are really really great for dry, or combination skin types. I love these types of blushes. They go on beautifully and give your cheeks such a natural looking tint. I like to apply them with my fingers or a sponge. 

High End Favorite: Tarte Cheek Stain (100% organic) .....$30.00
Low End Favorite: Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush .....$12.00

Thanks so much for reading ! I hope this helped you guys out ! Please share this and spread the word! Leave comments !!! 

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